Light Tackle and Fly Fishing

Nichupté en Nichupté en Nichupté pt

$259 USD

Light Tackle and Fly Fishing

FISHING LIGHT TACKLE & FLY FISHING. The best place for light fishing is in the Nichupté Lagoon. You can enjoy as a family with a program focused on children. Beginners will have specialized guides. You can fish  bonefish 365 days a year. We do “Fish and Release” to help the fauna. MAYAN FLAVOR. You will eat a delicious typical meal of the Mayan and Yucatecan region with natural waters.

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$259 USD


Not Included


  • All weather tour except thunderstorms and warnings from port captaincy
  • For safety reasons, children under 18 must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Is not recommended for people with severe physical or motor disabilities, heart problems, women with risky pregnancies and people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Arrive 30 minutes early to avoid mishaps
  • Maximum weight 319.67 lb


  • Cash or credit card for photographs, souvenirs, handicraft, snacks & tips.
  • Cap or sunglasses.
  • Sport shoes.
  • Comfortable clothes.
  • Biodegradable insect repellent and blocker. (For sale in the park).


  • Availability: Monday to Saturday.

Light Tackle and Fly Fishing

If you are looking for the best place for light fishing, without a doubt, the Nichupte Lagoon is the best choice. The Nichupte Lagoon is in the heart of the Cancun Hotel Zone, recognized in the fishing world for its wonderful mangroves and lagoons.

We will visit various fishing areas, according to your personal abilities, so that you can enjoy this unique activity. Light Tackle anglers will find many opportunities to fish for different species, such as bonefish, tarpon and pomfret, to spend a wonderful day between mangroves and natural wonders.

This excursion is highly recommended for a family adventure, with our program focused on children, with special spinning rods equipment, for children 6 years and older. A family adventure that they will never forget.

If you are a beginner in fishing, or it is your first-time, our specialized guides will always help you, to achieve that first fish on your rod.

Unlike other places, here we can fish for bonefish 365 days a year, as well as pomfret, tarpon, snook, horse mackerel, barracudas, and other species. Important note, the fishing we do is “Catch and release”, for the conservation of the lagoon fauna.

MAYAN TASTING. Our lunch experience offers, to the delight of our visitors, a delicious food typical of the Mayan region, a combination of flavors of the peninsula, accompanying this delight of the Yucatecan food, will be served with fresh natural waters, in a unique atmosphere.

Light Tackle and Fly Fishing


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